Episode #45 Hannah Beth Tems “Dare To Be a Cowboy”

Hannah Beth Tems “Dare To Be a Cowboy”

Hannah Beth Tems is a Senior in High School who rodeos and has created a non-profit organization called, Dare To Be a Cowboy. She has received an overwhelming response from people ever since the organization has gone LIVE. Their goal is to introduce a new age of Rodeo participants by providing EQUIPMENT, instruction and or financial support to youth who desire to start Rodeo, but do not have the means to get their dreams off the ground. Thanks for joining us in this episode.

dare to be a cowboy



Episode #43 Brian Wanless and Linda Williams (CEKC)

Brian Wanless and Linda Williams have been leading the non-profit organization called Community Enrichment for Klickitat County (CEKC). They have been working on this project for the better part of a decade to provide services to areas suffering from poverty and seeking help/funding. The Community Enrichment for Klickitat County, as a not-for-profit Corporation, was formed and established in 2009 to focus on community interests and resources in order to repair, construct, or modify public facilities, and provide or enhance community services of the Klickitat County area and engage in activities to strengthen the social and economic well-being of the community and related organizations.

Contact Brian and Linda at CEKC




My son and Aidan and I got the idea for creating a Mt. Biking/Horseback Riding/Hiking Trail through all the riding we do! We travel over an hour away many times throughout the year to ride our bikes at an obstacle course called “Family Man” and trail in Post Canyon, Hood River, OR. We wish to expand the network of trails here in Central Klickitat for the enrichment of our bodies, minds, and local economy. Here is a video Aidan and I created to recruit people to join our non-profit efforts!

TRACK: Recruit Video – “What Does a Fox Say?” from Brock Warrener on Vimeo.

Arizona Dreaming…

Arizona lies near to my heart for the special time we shared together. One day I wish to return to and bring some wonderful people who are now in my life to have them experience the place I fell in love with. This video is Week 2 from a 15 week journey we made in the desert. The┬ásong “Communication” is by┬áStrive Roots from Bend, OR. Enjoy yourselves!